County Estate Pubs (CEP) was established in 1997. Our operational management is divided into 2 regional teams, with offices in Trowbridge and London. We aim to work with people who have a shared desire and ability to succeed.

The combined experience of the company's executive directors, operations director and business development managers (BDM), is structured towards our goal to help make our pubs a success. Our experienced BDMs provide regular consultancy, which with support provided by our team in Trowbridge; helps maximise pub profits. CEP has a fully integrated service for today's pub industry. We believe that with security of tenure and access to a portfolio of brands at market leading discounts, publicans can utilise their skills to build a successful business. We offer leases of up to 25 years, including free of tie terms; which allows the publican to gain equity and to have confidence to invest in their future.

CEP works in partnership with tenants giving them support and encouragement to run their pubs, in their own individual styles.

Key areas of the service we are proud to provide include:-

Property management for Investors and Developers.

Tenant Recruitment.

Supply and distribution of all beers, lagers, cider, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Telesales - providing a mechanism to ensure an easy method to order pub supplies.

Provision and management of Amusement Machines to gain maximum efficiency from this important product.

Our aim is to provide both clients and tenants with a comprehensive service to create sustainable and mutually beneficial businesses within this vibrant and highly competitive marketplace.

Please contact us about any information that you require